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User Tips to Avoid Warping of Pictures and Artwork

User Tips to Avoid Warping of Pictures and Artwork

User Tips to Avoid Warping of Pictures and Artwork

Cemre Frame picture hanging system allows you to hang more than one frame on your picture rail. You may encounter some trouble when using items that vary in size, weight, and framing materials; Has your carefully chosen layout been a victim of tilting or floating images? At Cemre Framing, we’ve developed a few simple tactics to tackle bending, tilting, or floating wall decoration without having to compromise your choice of images, frames or layout.
Tip # 1: Use Two Cables Instead of One
When you want to display items with different sizes and weights, warping may occur. To solve the problem of bending, we recommend using two cables instead of one to hang a group of pictures containing at least one large picture. Note that when you use two cables, you will need two picture hooks for the larger picture and two more hooks behind the frame or hanging wire.
Tip 2: Set Fixed Point
Still not satisfied with the result? The solution might be to adjust the fixed point on the back of the frame. Too low a fixed point can result in a skewed or skewed picture. Remove the fixed point and place it on the top of the frame. Do you think you need a different fixed point? No worries. We offer a variety of picture hanging fixtures to have a solution for every frame.
Tip 3: Use Separators
You place the spacers behind your frames so that they are placed at a perfect distance from the wall. They are self-adhesive and made of soft material so you don’t damage your wall.
Tip # 4: Unplug or Wrap Up Excess Wires
You will probably encounter cables touching the ground under your frames after hanging them. You can cut the excess perlon cord with scissors or a knife, or you can choose to wind the steel cord and perlon cord. The choice is yours. If you are going to wrap the cable, simply wrap the end around itself to keep it tight, or use a cable tie and place the coils behind the bottom piece of drawing. Not having much wire in sight gives your wall a smoother look and even helps reduce bending problems.

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