Table hanger

Table hanger

What is a table hanger? Hanging tables is a problem in itself. It is quite difficult to find the appropriate place, to adjust the place to reflect the beauty of the painting. Hanging a painting is an art in itself. Driving nails constantly and removing the hammered nails is another problem. When the old nails are not removed, they can prevent the hanging of the new table and narrow the area used. In addition, it leaves traces and cracks on the wall, leaves visual afterwards and creates a need to cover it. Therefore, the wall cannot be used efficiently and even the desired decor cannot be provided. Thanks to the table hanger, these problems are eliminated.(Table hanger,table hanger hooks,table hanger wire)

How to Use the Table Hanger

It is very easy and practical to use a table hanger. There is a rail system that is fixed to the wall ceiling, ceiling or any point of the wall. This structure, similar to a cornice, is usually fixed to the ceiling or wall to ceiling. Especially in houses with plasterboard, it is very preferred to hang it where the cornice is located. It passes slotted or hooked rods to this rail. Table hanging apparatus called elevators are hung on the ropes at the ends of these rods.

More than one apparatus can be hung on a rope. The ropes allow the ropes to move back and forth. Ropes are available in many types including steel, fishing line and metal. More than one rope can be attached to the rail system. Once the assembly process is done for the rail. If you wish, you can remove the stems or increase their number. Tables can be hung on the rope at the desired height or low. A nostalgic elegance can be achieved by adding a light apparatus.

Table Design

The correct design of the tables is as important as their beauty. No matter how beautiful and special a painting is, its beauty is not clear if it is not used in the right position and light. Also, you don’t have to hang a single painting and image on a wall. Today, asymmetrical, mixed and pyramid hanging shapes are quite trendy in home and office decoration. Thanks to its secure structure, the table hanger safely carries the table, frame, picture, even the flower pot.

It prevents unwanted accidents. These apparatuses, which are used with confidence, are especially preferred in exhibitions and galleries. Because it provides the opportunity to exhibit with confidence thanks to its robust structure and very useful feature.

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