According to Greenberg, Kant’s counterpart in art is Manet, the first modernist painter. Manet and the impressionists used paint, canvas, etc., on the surface they painted on. they did not hide the properties of the materials and the processes they went through, on the contrary, they highlighted them; Later, Cezanne designed his works by considering the rectangular shape of the canvas. Thus, the imitation of images in nature was gradually abandoned and representation was put into the background. (RAIL HANGER PICTURE ,picture rail hanging kit ,picture rail system)

The last point reached in this way in modern painting has been the canvases, which were made with the influence of Minimalism, which started as a sculpture movement, and which were painted in a plain single color by removing the traces of human hands, thus aiming to be purified from the content. When the literature of modern art is reviewed, it is seen that the art of painting has evolved seriously and this evolution has been adopted over time. From past to present, human beings have evaluated the art of painting within a cultural integrity and incorporated the sub-cultural elements that lie in its logic into their own painting phenomena by blending them with their own cultures.

The interpretation of a painting made by the painter can have different traces on everyone. As people’s needs for painting increase day by day, there have been great developments in the sub-manufacturing branches of this art. Frames, which were used to protect pictures against external influences, have now been replaced by rail-hanging picture systems. Users who use these innovations are now looking at their decorative appearance as well as the ease of use. The advantages provided to users in rail suspension picture systems can be listed in many items.These; They provide long-term usage opportunities due to their high quality texture, have a safe structure due to their high flexibility coefficients, and can be adapted to the harmony of the environment without creating incompatibility.

The fact that the additional apparatus used in the Rayla hanger pictures can be shaped according to the user’s request and taste, and that the color choices can be made are among the reasons for the preference of these products. Rayla hanging paintings are frequently used in many environments, especially in museums and exhibition areas, offices and shopping centers. It is also among the other advantages of these systems that they can be easily mounted or disassembled without leaving any traces, providing the opportunity to be used by special scaling in blind spots, the performance cost ratio is considered to be suitable to a considerable extent, and creating an elegant and professional image.

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