Rail Canvas Hanging Systems

Rail Canvas Hanging Systems

In the picture hanging system, 3 parts come to the fore. These 3 parts, which are also included in rail canvas hanging systems, are rails, rods and elevators. The rail system includes a system that carries the overall weight of the painting and is made with screws while being mounted on the wall. This process is done by sending the desired meter rate in profile. The most important part of the hanging system is the rail. The rod creates a structure connected with the rail.(Rail Canvas Hanging Systems, invisible picture hanging systems)

Thanks to the rail special apparatus, it creates a mechanism that has a passage and thus can be moved to the right and left. This rope can be fishing line and metal. The size of the rod taken as line is 1.5 meters and the length of the rod taken as metal is 1.5 meters. Elevator is the apparatus that keeps the picture standing. It moves up and down with the rod. This elevator is used for each hanging picture. Up to 4 pictures can be hung for one rod length. In other words, the self-structure of the elevator decides this.

Canvas Hanging System Mechanism

Rail canvas hanging systems With these three systems listed above, the system is ready for use by mounting on the wall. Thus, a more solid structure emerges. However, if you have lots of items and you do not want to install the hanging system on the wall and occupy the space, then you can hang the hanging system on the ceiling with the help of the elevator to move left and right. This system varies depending on demand. So you can use it either on the wall or hanging from the ceiling.

This system, which is a work of art, offers you many creative ways. You can easily arrange the items you want to hang on a variety of photographs, posters and pictures and take a single form. Moreover, this system appeals to your eye taste. Amazing works can come out this way. In addition, this hanging system, which will help your interior decoration, suits the environment without grinning. Rail canvas hanging systems can be designed in this way and create an aesthetic appearance. You can easily reflect your own tastes and keep up with changing fashion. Bring harmony to your home and workplace.

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