If the literature on the use of picture frames is made, it can be analyzed that the first frame was found in a grave excavation in Havara. The most important factor in the survival of the wooden frame used in a fayum mummy portrait is the dry climatic conditions of the desert. The mummy portrait in the tomb, which belongs to the 2nd century AD, brought to mind that these people could also have framed paintings in their homes.(PICTURE RAIL HOOKS WITH HANGING KIT ,picture rail hanging kit ,vintage picture rail hooks ,modern picture rail hooks)

Decorative picture frames were also used to divide scenes in ancient Greek and Egyptian murals, but the true picture frame was first used for small panel paintings in Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. The frame was carved around the area to be painted, and patterns and ornaments were applied with different materials on the frame area. Realizing that this method was expensive over time, manufacturers began to produce frame bars that are still used today. After the painting was finished, these bars were cut and mounted around the painting.

With the entry of the age of technology, it is seen that frame manufacturers also make innovations and present innovative products in their current sectors. The most up-to-date of these innovations is the hanger systems designed for pictures. The most important apparatus of these systems are the hanging kit and picture rail hooks. The most important advantages of the hanging kit and picture rail hooks used in the systems are; It allows pictures or paintings of various sizes and weights to be displayed together on the same system with the selection of alternative kits and hooks. In the mentioned systems, there is no additional drilling process in the processes after the installation of the system, thus causing minimal damage to the usage areas, another reason why these systems are preferred.

As a result of the hanging kit and picture rail hooks are produced from quality materials, it provides long-term use to its users. In addition, these hooks and kits can be quickly disassembled and installed, providing additional convenience to its users in order to achieve hygienic conditions. The choice of alternative colors for the hanging kit and picture rail hooks according to the area to be used or the taste of the person who will use it is also one of the primary reasons for preference. As a result of these choices, our users are provided with the opportunity to capture the elegance with a holistic texture without spoiling the integrity of the picture or painting, with the professionalism created in the area of ​​use.

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