The Renaissance movements, which started in Italy, spread throughout Europe in a short time. The Renaissance mostly developed in the field of art in France, religious paintings and paintings in Germany, literature in England, and painting and literature in Spain. When literature review is made in the field of painting art of the period, it is seen that each country aims to make a rapid development in art. The reason for this is that it can make a high contribution to the country’s economy as it appeals to a wide audience.(PICTURE HANGING TOOLS ,wall hanging tools ,best picture hanging tools ,easy frame picture hanging tool)

At the same time, it is known that the easiest way to spread the cultural structure of the countries to all over the world is through art. As the art culture was purged from its existing patterns in the Renaissance period and shaped more on the principle of freedom, the museum phenomenon began to emerge. The art of painting, which has ceased to be a cultural activity from the past to the present and has become a cultural necessity, has become a decorative element that is preferred and used in many living spaces, especially in our homes.

Due to the positive effects that paintings have on human psychology, they are now frequently seen even in metro stations. With the active use of pictures or paintings, innovative product developers in the frame sector have also started to produce new products and apparatus quickly. The most important example of this is picture hanging tools. While the picture hanging tools produced for pictures or paintings can vary at the quality level desired by the user, they also provide personalized hanging systems. These tools stand out with their robustness compared to other systems.

Picture hanging tools can either enable pictures of different weights and sizes to be displayed as a whole with various side apparatuses on a single system, or they can enable a painting to be exhibited on a single system. It can be said that these vehicles also make positive contributions to their users in terms of hygiene. Since it has a fine and deep dust-proof system, it can be provided with the brightness of the first day by performing a short wipe at certain intervals. The aforementioned hanging systems are frequently used in homes, offices, exhibition areas and shopping centers today. According to the feedback received from the users of these picture hanging tools, it has been determined that customer satisfaction is high and it is thought that these systems will have a more active area of ​​use in the future.

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