Picture Hanging Systems Without Nails

Picture Hanging Systems Without Nails

Since the first ages, humanity has started to create pictures, sometimes with communication, sometimes with information, sometimes with an idea of ​​art. With this idea, before the writing, pictures were engraved in many places, especially the cave walls. From the hunter-gatherer period to the settled periods, immovable works of art such as cave paintings have occurred in many places. Later, portable works of art, sculptures and paintings began to appear.(Picture Hanging Systems Without Nails , no damage wall hangers for heavy items )

The first discovered paintings known in history; Although there is no exact information, they were discovered in 1994 in the Chauvet Cave, which is thought to be around 30 thousand years old, in the Vallon-Pont-d’Arc region of France and named after Jean-Marie Chauvet, who discovered the cave. Since then, painting has been an art that exists in people’s lives and has survived to the present day by undergoing constant change.

Paintings and paintings are now in our homes, streets, institutions and offices as an integral part of our lives. Different methods and styles have emerged in the use of these pictures and tables. Practical systems such as nail-free picture hanging systems have been created for users to want to hang their pictures and paintings without leaving holes and marks on their walls. Thanks to the rails and apparatus used in this system, it is possible to hang your paintings without damaging the wall floor.

Nailless picture hanging systems can be designed in alternative products and shapes according to user requests. Users can create the collage they want in the spaces to be exhibited. One of the most beautiful features of these systems is that they are a perforated picture hanging system. Thus, the most basic feature of nailless picture hanging systems will emerge, that is, paintings can be mounted without using nails, without damaging the area to be applied and the wall decor.

Other advantages of nailless picture hanging systems are that they are safe, allow a healthy environment to be created easily, and that your paintings or pictures can be displayed on the same installed system, albeit at different scales. At the same time, nailless picture hanging systems provide fast and practical installation without any danger in installation. These systems offer the opportunity to make choices according to your personal preferences without compromising the originality of the area, thus providing additional advantages to the users.

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