It is known that hundreds of thousands of people were unjustly executed in the Inquisition courts, often just for the sake of seizing their wealth, due to the disappearance of logic and humanitarian principles in the Renaissance period. Even artists who wanted to expose the torture of the people by the government as a form of resistance during these periods faced many persecution by the government. A prime example of this is Galileo. In addition to the scientific and technological developments that took place in the later periods of the Renaissance, it is seen that the love of people and nature increased.(PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS WITHOUT HOLE ,best picture hangers without nails)

The biggest factor in the realization of these developments is the artistic activities put forward by the pioneers of the Renaissance. In addition to art, literature, history and archeology, which developed rapidly in this period, also contributed to this situation. However, from the middle of the period, the understanding of painting and depiction began to develop. The gothic style, which was preferred in the first ages of the period as a result of cultural progress, left its place to baroque and rococo. In the Renaissance period, the features of measure, simplicity and naturalness began to be processed.

It can be seen that the art of painting, which underwent a rapid evolution during the Renaissance period, is under the influence of modernism and minimalism today. It has been determined that the external dynamics of the paintings that adorn our homes and offices are more important than the internal dynamism of the paintings, with the continuing technological developments. For this reason, more innovative and modern systems have been developed to ensure optimum satisfaction of users in the frame sector. One of the newest of these systems is the perforated picture hanging systems.

These holeless picture hanging systems provide users with many advantages such as saving space, providing easy installation and disassembly, and being safe due to their high flexibility tolerance ratio. These systems are also preferred many times because they provide easy cleaning to their users. In holeless picture hanging systems, the fact that they do not leave any damage to the place to be hanged and that they can be specially produced with the desired dimensions ensures that these systems are selected as a priority.

In addition, it is aimed to create originality in the environments where it is used by changing the colors and shapes of the apparatus with alternatives according to the tastes of the individuals. When the perforated picture hanging systems are examined in terms of performance and cost, it is determined that they provide a remarkable rate of profitability when the advantages they provide are taken into account.

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