The establishment of the art of painting in the Ottoman Empire, which was founded in 1299 by Osman Gazi, one of the Oghuz Turks, and continued its existence from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. Painting started to become widespread in Eastern societies. Today, there are many Turkish painters who are considered to be an important part of the world painting history. It is seen that not only the public but also the state gives serious support to this field, provided that general literature searches are made in the field of art in the history of Turkish society.( PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS NO NAILS , no nails picture hanging , hang pictures without damaging walls)

With the coming of the age of technology, the art of painting, which continues to develop its value and cultural structure day by day, has increased its importance by benefiting from the perspective perspectives of many countries’ artists. Today, in addition to the holistic lines produced by painters, the interest in the frames surrounding these lines is growing. For this reason, the frame manufacturing sector always aims to improve itself and to offer the most ideal solutions to new and service users. It is known that in the first years, when the perception of art was formed, only the carving process was carried out on the rocks, but over time, the existing paintings were put into frames and used for decorative purposes.

Today, users want pictures and the frames surrounding them to create a holistic texture. There are no nails in the picture hanging systems developed in this direction. With the absence of nails in these picture hanging systems, the outline of the picture can be preserved without any additional effort. At the same time, these systems provide users with the opportunity to combine various pictures or paintings of different sizes and weights on a single hanging system with appropriate apparatus.

In line with the feedback received from users who use picture hanging systems in their homes or offices, it has been determined that these systems provide a very high quality, hygienic and practical ease of use. The absence of the use of nails in picture hanging systems, the fact that they can be quickly attached and dismantled without leaving any impact or trace on the walls, or that they can be easily relocated are another reason why these systems are preferred. The ability to choose colors provided in these systems and the ability to be manufactured according to special sizes are other positive aspects that appeal to users.

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