With the discovery of writing by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia 5200 years ago, one of the most important developments in human history took place. While the existence of writing is accepted as the beginning of the historical ages, historical ages can be different because writing is not used in different geographies and civilizations at the same time. This is because different human colonies do not have a common language of communication. However, the history of painting has been made common by historians in a certain period of time as a result of literature research.PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS FOR THE HOME ,picture hanging systems home depot)

The Stone Age, also known as the Paleolithic Age, is of great importance for the formation of the history of painting. In the Paleolithic era, painting was carved into the rocks in caves in order to keep away the phenomena believed to bring evil to the tribe, to increase the abundance of hunting, to ensure the safety of the tribe and to train young hunters. However, the result that may emerge is that people used it as a means of communication with each other, not as a formal art in ancient times. Over time, painting is evolving from being a common communication network into a culture.

With the evaluation of painting as an art, it began to be exhibited in our homes by being framed. The purpose of use of frames is to provide decorativeness and to preserve the originality of the pictures. With the development of the frame manufacturing industry, picture hanging systems were developed for the new house. Quality points considered in the production of picture hanging systems for the home; the elegance of the area where the system is installed must have visuality in a way that will not deteriorate, and they have sufficient tolerance flexibility to avoid problems such as breaking off due to the weight of the products to be hung.

When the picture hanging systems for the home are evaluated in terms of usage; The main advantages of these hanging systems can be listed among the main advantages of these hanging systems are that they provide the opportunity to be moved easily and quickly, as there is no safe, fixed mechanism due to their sufficient flexibility, and that they do not damage the walls due to the use of any tools that can leave marks such as nails. In addition, these hanger systems can be used in blind spots in houses that are not usable. With your request and the blind spot measurements you have sent us, together with our specially designed hanging systems, it is possible to include the blind spots in your home in the usage area. However, it can be aimed to make these blind spots a marginal decorative area for your home.

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