Picture hanging apparatus

Picture hanging apparatus

Apparatus on the ropes of the rail systems used to hang paintings, photographs, photographs, ornaments and similar items on the wall comfortably are called picture hangers. Rail systems consist of three main categories. The rail system can be used comfortably thanks to the apparatus after the three main compartments required for system installation.(Picture hanging apparatus,picture hanging system ook,picture rail hanging system)

Sections of Picture Hanger Systems

Suspension systems, which provide easy and practical use without nailing on your wall, consist of three sections. These sections make it easy to decorate the walls and the quality of the systems determines how much items you need to hang.
Rail: Rail is a structure similar to a cornice mounted on the wall, ceiling ceiling or anywhere you want. You can hang as many ropes on the rail system as you wish. You can move the ropes.

Tij: It is a special apparatus that passes to the rail. In this way, you can move the ropes left and right. Tij is combined with rope. It has metal, trimmed and steel ropes.
Picture hanger apparatus: Picture hanger apparatuses are the devices that have varieties that allow the pictures to be attached to the rope.

Picture Hanger Apparatus Types
As with everything, there are varieties in picture hangers. Varieties allow you to hang pictures as you wish. You can choose the apparatus according to the product to be used.

The screwed metal apparatus is screwed onto the rope and tightens. Its hooked structure at the end allows hanging objects such as flower pots and frames. The plastic apparatus is fixed on the rope thanks to its turning place.
You can order the picture hanging apparatus you want. If you wish, you can hang four or five attachments on a rope. In this way, you can decorate pyramid, messy and mixed walls, and hang many pictures with a single rod.

You can create a visual feast with various decoration suggestions, especially at home entrances, stairwells, office walls and halls. You can hang flower pots thanks to the picture hanging apparatus and change the air of the house.

You can create the decoration from the beginning with comfortable and practical use not only in exhibitions and galleries but also in offices and homes. With the installation of the bottom of the ceiling, no visible traces occur, cracks do not occur on the wall. Add pleasure to your home without spoiling your eye.

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