While pictures were used as a means of communication in ancient times, in the modern period, painting ceased to be a means of communication and found a place as an image that we use for decoration in our living spaces. Most of the frame paintings consist of systems that are mounted on the wall by means of nails. These systems may incur extra costs for users when it is considered to remove the existing picture on the wall. With the development of technology, new rail systems have been produced that will provide great advantages to their users in frame suspension systems.(PICTURE HANGER RAIL SYSTEMS ,     best picture rail hanging system ,art track hanging system ,art cable hanging system)

These systems are called picture hanger rail systems. Picture hanger rail systems are gradually being used in businesses and homes today. The reason for this widespread use is that the existing picture hung on the wall, if desired, can be easily removed without any problem and without leaving any traces. In addition, picture hanger rail systems provide users with many different advantages. At the beginning of these advantages are easy disassembly as well as easy assembly and the user’s ability to change the area in the picture hanger rail system if he wishes. In addition, injuries of users while driving nails in old frame systems are minimized at an optimum level with modern picture hanger rail systems.

Therefore, with the use of these rail systems, it is possible for individuals of all ages to decorate their walls in a safe way in line with their dreams. Considering the time period from the past to the present, it is seen that the frame costs are increasing day by day. The reason for this is that the price increases in the raw materials of the mixtures used in the production of picture frames are reflected in the sales price of the frame. However, due to the fact that various different raw materials are not used in picture hanger rail systems, there are no serious increases in costs compared to picture frames.

Another advantage of picture hanger rail systems over frames is that they provide easier cleaning because they have an integrated system. They are produced with the aim of easily including the invisible parts in the hygiene area with the sufficient cleaning area between the apparatuses against the wall. Another most important feature of the picture hanger rail systems, compared to the frames, is the durable and safe hanging of products of various weights and sizes, such as pictures or paintings. The reason for this is that the flexibility tolerance calculations applied in the production of picture hanger rail systems are made at higher rates than the frames.

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