Since the existence of human beings, pictures have been used with different functionality. The concept of painting is a narrative technique that can be used on any surface area with lines and colors, and today, all kinds of materials, which are considered in a conceptual dimension, can be used. In prehistoric paintings, it is seen that human beings, who generally lived as nomads, used the rocks in the caves as a means of communicating with other nomadic people.( PICTURE HANGER CABLE SYSTEM , art cable hanging system , steel cable hanging system , art track hanging system , cable hanging systems)

The figures depicted in these periods generally consist of animal figures, hunting scenes and traces created with painted hands. Based on these pictures, it is a result that the abstract thinking ability of human beings is an existential ability, not the development of technology. In line with this result, it can be said that painting is a great value for people. Today, paintings are considered as a part of modern art. With the first use of paintings as decorative objects in living spaces, frames began to be produced in order to partially prevent the deterioration of the existing texture of the paintings for many years.

These frames are important in terms of visuality as well as protecting the original structures of the paintings against external factors. With the transition to the age of technology, many functional products have been created in the field of painting, as in every field. One of these products is picture hanger cable systems. Picture hanger cable systems provide the opportunity to hang pictures in different sizes in a synchronous way with cable systems that offer the opportunity to choose according to their weights.

It allows you to display your pictures on your walls quickly, easily and without leaving any traces without the need for any equipment, and if you get bored with the current position, you can easily change places via the picture hanger cable system. At the same time, another advantage of these systems is that the visual texture of your pictures can be used with the same elegance, thanks to the carefully selected production materials in order not to create a rough appearance, which is considered in the production of picture hanger cable systems. This system, which offers the opportunity to add pictures of various sizes and different weights to your collage in cable hanger systems, provides extra security in the environment with its flexibility. When the performance cost index of the current product is compared, it can be analyzed that it provides a significant advantage.

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