We have futuristic images or photos inspired by various movements to create different energies in our homes or offices. Based on literature research, we observe that painting and photography are actually different from each other. Painting is a noun, but because artists use the word painting conceptually, it is accepted that photography and painting are not the same, the truth of the matter is the same reality that emerges except for the use of different tools. With the painting made with brush and pen, the image processed by a machine is also painting.(PICTURE FRAME ROD HANGING SYSTEMS ,picture hanging rail moulding , best picture hanging system)

However, if it is evaluated artistically and the word painting is conceptualized with the style of art understanding, this situation arises and it is said that photography is not a painting. The reason for this is that while photographs enable us to bring the memory of time to our minds and visualize it in front of our eyes every time we look at it, there is no memory of the past in the pictures and it is not brought into view. To summarize in a simpler language, while the photograph contains a personal feeling, the pictures do not create a personal feeling.

Paintings made only by hand can create an intense emotional effect on the painter. Today, with the evolution of modern art to minimalist, it can be seen that minimal textures in frame systems are also taken into consideration during the manufacturing stages. Users have started to prefer alternative options, which we can describe as ghost systems, which are not seen in thinner structures rather than thick frames. The newest of these systems is picture frame rod hanging systems. These picture frame rod hanging systems provide many advantages to their users.

These advantages are mainly due to its flexible structure, its welded durability, the carefully selected raw materials to create the overall quality of the product, and the ability to quickly and easily disassemble and assemble. Picture frame rod hanging systems also offer users the opportunity to create unique systems with the desired frame model. Another reason why these systems are preferred is that they enable the elimination of blind areas in the space. In other words, these bar systems can be custom manufactured in accordance with the given dimensions. In the same direction, these systems enable many sizes and sizes of pictures or paintings to be displayed on a system with adjustable apparatus. Picture frame rod hanging systems are systems that will help you create ghostly pictures or paintings and capture marginality and professionalism.

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