Museum; who are at the service of the society and work for its development, reveal, examine, evaluate, create collections, protect, promote, permanently or temporarily exhibit, educate, educate, educate, educate, and educate with scientific methods in order to recognize and own the tangible or intangible cultural heritage and environment of humanity. They are permanent, public, not-for-profit organizations that are influential in developing worldviews. The phenomenon of museology, which plays an important role in the preservation and transfer of cultural values ​​to the future, started with collecting in our country as well as all over the world.( MUSEUM PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS ,museum art hanging system ,museum hanging system)

The first traces of Turkish museology were laid in the Seljuk Period (in the 13th century), in the geography of our country, which is defined by the famous historian Hereton as “the most beautiful geography under the sky, with the most beautiful climate on earth”. Having established the quality of a cultural phenomenon with solid foundations over time, museology has become a cultural necessity rather than a cultural activity. Due to the fact that the works exhibited in the museums appeal to a large audience, the necessary equipment for the creation of this service must be installed and disassembled quickly and with less damage at the optimum level in order to save time.

For this reason, it can be seen that the sub-sectors serving this field, especially the companies in the frame manufacturing, are developing with innovative ideas. The biggest example of this is the development of museum picture hanging systems. These new, marginal museum hanging systems allow easier installation than other older systems. At the same time, these systems provide user companies with many advantages, especially easy replacement without extra dismantling costs. One of the reasons why museum picture hanging systems are used in cultural exhibitions today is that they allow tables of various weights to be placed in the usage area practically without changing the main rail system, with the apparatus suitable for their weight.

The system is actively used in many museums because of its elegant appearance, quality, safe structure, leaving no traces where it is hung, and being easily cleaned within the scope of hygiene rules. At the same time, with the variety of alternative color choices in the apparatus of the museum picture hanging systems, it is offered to the users with the aim of not spoiling the holistic harmony and harmony of the related picture. When these systems are examined in terms of performance and cost, it is seen that they provide a significant advantage.

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