In the 1880s, he tried to find the subject of modern painting, which started with the movements of Tonalism according to some and Symbolism according to others, in the common people in general, in other words, in the everyday life and psychology of ordinary people. In the painting of the period, the desire to break the rules of composition, light, color, contour and perspective and to liberate artistic expression comes to the fore.(MULTI PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS)

With the Abstract Expressionism movement that emerged in 1945, the art of painting completely descended into the inner world of the human being and moved away from the concrete world, rules and patterns; he sought the absolute truth, decided that there was no such thing, and left himself to conceptual art after the Fluxus movement. Now the picture has become just a question and has begun to form a small part of a larger whole. Modern art, which entered its birth phase in the 1880s, started to keep up with modernity with technological developments.

While there were few framed pictures in the homes or offices of human beings at the beginning of the millennium age, single frame pictures have been replaced by multiple pictures since the middle of the millennium era. In these multiple paintings, it can be seen that works inspired by different perspectives or alternative art movements, which can be varied according to the mood of the user, are adopted as a holistic decorative phenomenon. The rapid development and change of technology also shows its effect in the frame sector. Nowadays, multiple picture hanging systems are becoming common instead of single frames.

The reason for this is that multiple picture hanging systems provide convenience to the user, have advantages in terms of hygiene and are a safe system. In addition to these, it is seen that the paintings we use in our homes today are starting to be created in a minimalist order rather than thick frames. Multiple picture hanging systems, which are a big step innovatively in the frame industry, have many advantages.

These advantages are; pictures or paintings of different sizes and various weights can be attached to a single hanging system with suitable apparatus, easy and fast installation can be done with the system apparatus without the use of nails, at the same time, if a change of location is desired, disassembly can be done quickly and without damaging the walls, the installation or disassembly of the system It provides important advantages to users, especially that it does not harm the individuals performing the transaction in its transactions and does not create any security problems during use.

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