Many alternative frame models have been created in order to display the art of painting, which has survived from the past to the present, in more decorative dimensions in usage areas. With the art of painting proving itself around the world and becoming a culture, users got bored of the frame fashion and searched for new ones. There are many technological systems developed by companies producing picture frames against these customer requests( HOW TO USE PICTURE HANGING HARDWARE ?,heavy duty picture hanging hardware , heavy duty picture hanging wire)

The reason for this is that choosing the frame systems that address different service areas according to the usage area will provide advantages to the users in many respects. “How to choose picture hanger hardware?”, which we discussed in our previous article. In this article, as an extension of the title, “How to use picture hanging hardware?” The answer will be sought. How to use Picture hanging hardware with the production of a new and technological hanging system? We often encounter this question.

Picture hanging hardware is frequently used in many places, especially in homes, offices, art or exhibition galleries, shopping malls. In addition to these uses, various questions are encountered such as how they are used and whether they provide ease of use. The biggest advantages of these systems are that they provide a high level of ease of use to their users as they can be assembled, disassembled or relocated quickly, effortlessly and practically. The use of these picture hanging equipment is as follows;

  1. If transparent tapes are preferred as the first step, you must place the silicone caps on the ends of these tapes in the relevant area in the main rail system. If stainless steel wires are preferred, the locking mechanism at the end of these wires should be placed in the relevant main rail system.
  2. Then, while the length adjustment of the frame hanging hooks on the preferred transparent tape should be made with the help of a hexagonal wrench, if you have chosen the other sub-system, the steel wire sub-mechanism, the desired size adjustment should be made with the push button on the hook.
  3. As the last step, you need to place the covers delivered to you with the product at the beginning and end of the main rail system so that the relevant sub-mechanisms do not come out of the main rail system.

How to use picture hanging hardware? The answer to his question has been shared with general information, please contact us for more detailed information about the system.

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