We can hang various models of paintings on our walls to create stylish decorations in our homes and workplaces. However, when we remove the paintings we hang, we may encounter unpleasant images on the walls. We can see many holes or damaged areas. Although this situation is quite annoying, it is observed that it is costly. In this regard, the question of how to hang a painting without damaging the wall may come to our mind.(HOW TO HANG A TABLE WITHOUT DAMAGING THE WALL)

We can leave damages on the wall that we pierced with the help of nails to hang on the wall. In this case, there are a few issues we need to pay attention to. a few of them: -Using poor quality paint causes the walls to wear more quickly. In this case, the adhesion strength may be reduced. It is recommended to use quality paints and primers to prevent this. – Poor quality double-sided tapes can absorb the paint on the wall and damage the lining. This situation causes it to take more damage. In order to prevent this, be careful to use high quality and durable double-sided tapes. –

There are specially produced tapes for hanging your table or accessories. You can prevent damage to your wall by choosing these tapes. However, it may be problematic if these tapes come off the wall or move the frame. In this way, you do not have to think about how to hang the painting without damaging the wall. Frame Hanging Systems You may want to hang paintings, pictures and similar things without damaging the wall. There may be serious problems, especially nail scars, peeling paint on the wall. It is possible to hang a trace-free, harmless frame with new technology products.

If you are thinking about how to hang the painting without damaging the wall, it is enough to provide these systems. You can hang as many tables as you want or take them out when you are bored. You can create collages for decoration. After these systems are assembled a little, you can hang as many tables as you want, side by side. Thanks to this process, all you have to do is to provide these systems by our company. This system is possible to carry even heavy frames due to its quality system. Thanks to various rope options, transparent or steel nets are available. It is very suitable for galleries, exhibitions, workplaces, meeting rooms, homes. You can install the system in any size you want. If you wish, you can have it installed in just one area.

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