How to Beautify the Gallery Wall?

How to Beautify the Gallery Wall?

(How to Beautify the Gallery Wall?)

8 tips for creating your own wall gallery:

TIP 1: Be inspired. The best way so far is to consult Pinterest, you can keep yourself busy for hours on this platform. Use the best ideas from others and bring together the ones that best suit you and the space!

TIP 2: Choose the wall that best suits the room that attracts attention and you have enough space for decoration This way, you can keep the rest of your interior calmer. If the wall needs some coloring or repair work, this is a good time to deal with it.

TIP 3: Check the frames you already have and if you need new items. You can hang canvas, drawings and posters using poster ribbons.

TIP 4: Align the colors of the frames with the content and other items for your gallery wall.

TIP 5: See the picture hanging rail you want to use. You will find all kinds of information about STAS suspension systems on this site. Compare the rails with each other for the best selection and see how many lanyards and hooks you need to hang all your items, taking into account the various weights and carrying capacity of the rail-lanyard-hook combinations.

TIP 6: How far would you like to go? Do you have a long wall that can fully be used to place wall decorations?

Hang the rail you want on the entire wall. This is not only practical in use but also looks much nicer as it only takes up a part of the wall.

TIP 7: Where should each frame be hung? Of course, you can draw a sketch first, but with Cemre Frame you can hang and rearrange items very easily, in seconds! While working on it, you can easily determine what the best composition is.

TIP 8: Take a few steps back and look at the result. If you want to change something, do it. Are you satisfied? Fantastic! Tired of your wall decorations after a few weeks, months or years? Act now, add or change items to your gallery wall!
Do you have any good tips for creating a gallery wall yourself? Or maybe beautiful pictures of your own work? Then hang it on your wall with Cemre Frame picture hanging systems!

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