How Do I Put My Wall Gallery?

How Do I Put My Wall Gallery?

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Creating a beautiful wall gallery can be quite a challenge. We will be happy to assist you! What shape and layout fits in your interior? A wall gallery template will be your lifesaver!

Create a Wall Gallery Template!

A wall gallery template is an example of how you can put together your gallery wall. It shows how you can position the different frames in a suitable arrangement in your interior. You can use the template you created as a starting point and then search for frames and decorations that fit the shape of the template. If you already have lots of frames and decorations, you may want to consider looking for a template that has the same shapes as your wall decoration.

For your convenience, we have a series of tips on this blog that you can easily create with a picture rail, hooks and cords for you to use. We hope you get inspired and create a template yourself!

With a Cemre Frame picture hanging system, you can at least change your wall decoration as often as you want and you do not have to deal with unwanted crafts. Still, it can be useful to visualize how it fared for yourself. Because this is entirely up to you. Your style is your difference. You can decorate your wall perfectly with very cool and crazy ideas by making any combination according to your taste. There is no limit!

Wall Gallery Inspiration

We have collected the most beautiful wall galleries to give you some more inspiration! Besides frames, you can also manipulate with small mirrors, posters, polaroids or other objects such as a macrame. You can also think about color combinations and photos or your personal photos, artwork and prints. After all, the idea is yours. But ultimately the most important tip we want to give you is: Your Style Makes You Different From Others! After all, this is your wall! What kind of template you choose depends entirely on your taste and style. Let’s get an idea by looking at the templates below.

1. Stencil: If you have a large and wide wall, you can create a really beautiful image inspired by this template. How great would your artworks look with this decoration, right?

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