Everyone wants to beautify the walls of their home or workplaces by hanging frames with their loved ones or paintings where they can create nice decorations. The first method we use to hang the painting we want is usually to use nails. However, when we want to remove the painting, you may be faced with an unpleasant appearance due to the nail left on the wall. At the same time, when you try to remove the nail, there may be a hole in the wall or the paint of the wall may be removed and cause more damage. Another situation is that tenants who are not homeowners give up hanging paintings in order not to damage the walls. No more these situations!(HANGING TABLE WITHOUT NAIL)

There are different methods for hanging a painting without using nails. We will share a few of these methods with you. No Nail Scars on the Wall With peace of mind, you can create a pleasant living space by hanging the tables you want without using nails and damaging the walls. You can choose double-sided tapes instead of using nails. However, double-sided tapes may not support all sizes of paintings and fall. It can be used to hang tables of small size.

However, when you want to remove the double-sided tape, the paint of your wall may be removed, even if small. These disassembly may cause very large and unpleasant appearances according to the size of the table. Instead, there are gum-like adhesives that can stretch and shorten and easily stick wherever you want. Thanks to these adhesives, you can easily and reliably hang the tables you want. These adhesives are also not disposable. In this way, although you can use it as much as you want, its service life is quite long.

Thanks to these adhesives, which are economical products and friendly to your pocket, you do not have to worry about hanging a table without using nails. There is another method, clawed or clamped table apparatus. Thanks to the clamps you can place on the edge of the table, you can hang the table you want with peace of mind. Thanks to the clamps that you can remove whenever you want, your wall will not be damaged and you can have living spaces where you can create nice decorations.

When you want to remove the clamps, you will not have any holes in your wall and you will not be faced with dismantling on your wall paints. No more worrying or thinking about hanging a painting without using nails! You can reach our quality and healthy products for you on our website and contact us.

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