Contrary to modern art, it is difficult to examine according to production methods and trends; In general, it is considered “contemporary” because it does not have any unifying features such as a trend or style, which is predominantly concerned with issues such as feminism, globalization, environment, bioengineering, technology-human relations, multiculturalism, which has been around since the 1960s, and which is dominated by environmental and social awareness. The art form called Contemporary Art is called Contemporary Art.( HANGING PICTURES WITH PICTURE RAIL , picture rail hanging kit , picture rail system )

Today, as there are artists working in all art movements in history, there are also artists affiliated with modern art movements; however, they cannot generally be characterized as contemporary artists. Although it is sometimes called post-modern art for post-modern art, Post-modernism does not include all works that are described as contemporary, since it is related to a historical period and an aesthetic approach. In other words, contemporary is a term for art that comes after modernism and is not limited to post-modernism for the time being.

When the literature studies of contemporary art from the past to the present are scanned, it is seen that the interest in the art of painting has continued and developed since the existence of human beings. Today, with the art of painting becoming a necessity, there have been developments in the sub-industries serving this field. One of the most important of these innovations is the picture rail and hanging pictures system. The primary goal aimed at hanging pictures with picture rail is to provide the opportunity to exhibit more than one picture on the same system.

In addition, combining the visuals with appropriate apparatus without deteriorating the color integrity harmony is another target. In the use of picture rail and hanging pictures, even if more than one picture or table is in different sizes and different weights, it provides the opportunity to be used together in a safe and sound manner, together with the selection of appropriate attachments. Picture rail and hanging pictures are often preferred in many environments, especially living spaces, offices, exhibition and museum areas. This is due to the fact that it does not deteriorate the visual integrity, creates a professional image, has high security due to its flexible structure, provides easy cleaning, and can be assembled or disassembled quickly and practically.

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