During the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, frames were often thought of as immovable, but wealthy nobles and bankers who saw the rise in art directed artists to make them portable and usable in everyday life.Over time, picture frames designed by sculptors, architects and furniture makers reached their peak in France in the 17th century under the influence of Rococo and Baroque art. Detailed patterns, flowers and various decorations were made on wooden sticks by the hands of the artists. In Eastern Orthodox countries, the frame is mostly used to bring symbols and religious images into focus.(HANGING PICTURE FRAME RAIL WITH WIRE ,hanging picture frame rail diy ,diy hanging picture frame)

If picture frames are researched within the scope of historical literature and articles, it can be seen that this sector has preserved its existence since the 17th century and has even revised its products with new developments every day. The most up-to-date product made in the picture frame industry is the wire hanging picture frame rails. Picture frame rails hanging with this wire provide users with many advantages such as saving the space to be used, obtaining a professional image, and maintaining the integrity of the picture or painting. In addition, these products support the easy creation of a hygienic environment. With its easy disassembly and assembly, it also enables the desired location change to be made quickly and without causing much damage to the environment.

Picture frame rails hanging with wire are used in many places, especially in exhibition and museum areas, shopping malls, offices and home environments. The biggest advantage that these rails provide to their users is that pictures or paintings of different sizes and weights can be attached to a single rail with suitable wire hangers, allowing the works to be exhibited. In addition, it can create a marginal image in your space by using the same size pictures or tables together with wire apparatus of different lengths.

Another feature of picture frame rails hanging with wire is the possibility of capturing a ghostly image in your pictures or paintings through the thin and special wires used. It has been determined that this product provides a significant advantage to its users when compared with the performance cost index. With the flexibility coefficients calculated in the manufacture of the products, it also provides advantages to its users in the field of security.

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