Do you want to decorate the walls of your home or workplaces with paintings with various models like every person? But if you are worried about the possibility of damaging the wall, you can examine the painting methods without drilling the wall. You have ways to hang photos of your children and the frames that you and your loved ones are happy with, without causing any damage to the wall. Especially when you want to hang paintings on the walls, you can use the nail-hammering method. But when you hammer nails, damage to the wall can be costly or difficult to reverse. You may also be afraid of damaging the house if it is not yours. When you want to remove the painting you hung, the nail can spoil the appearance.(HANGING A TABLE WITHOUT DRILLING THE WALL)

Also, when you want to remove the nail, holes may occur in the wall. In this case, it may cause unwanted damage to the wall. In order not to face such troubles, you may be holding back to hanging paintings on your walls. But now, thanks to more practical and undamaged methods, you can color your wall and decorate with various paintings. We offer you several methods for hanging paintings without drilling the wall. Wall Hanging Alternatives Double-sided tapes are available for hanging various paintings on your walls.

However, when you want to remove the double-sided tapes from the wall, there is a possibility that the wall paint will come off. Therefore, double-sided tapes are not as useful and harmless as they think. Instead of rubber, etc. However, there is a possibility of stains on the walls. Staining may have unwanted consequences. Tabbed table hangers are also available as another method. Thanks to the nails on the edge of the table, there is a squeeze between your wall and the table you are going to hang, so your table can remain fixed as you wish. At the same time, when you want to remove your painting, you are unlikely to experience any traces or paint removal on the wall.

At the same time, although it is a very comfortable and reliable method, you can be quite successful in hanging paintings without drilling the wall. Moreover, according to the model and size of the table you want to hang, there are table hangers with tabs from the bottom, top or sides. Thanks to these methods, you can now create a stylish living space with the decoration you want with peace of mind without damaging your wall.

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