Hang Your Mirrors with Cemre Frame!

Hang Your Mirrors with Cemre Frame!

Does the thought of hanging a mirror scare you, or do not you dare to hang it because the mirror is too fragile? You don’t have to be afraid. Believe us, you are not alone. Here, Cemre Frame will completely get you out of this stress factor. After all, you wouldn’t want your new mirror to drop to the ground in the middle of the night and spread out in tens of thousands of pieces, would you? So how do you install a mirror beautifully, safely and invisibly? (Hang Your Mirrors with Cemre Frame!,how to hang a mirror on wall) The answer is simple. Of course with Cemre Frame suspension systems!

Cemre Frame hangers are a perfect hanging system consisting of hooked metal, ropes and rails. The important thing when mounting the Cemre Frame hangers is that the surface is free from dust and grease. After cleaning the surface, place the hanger in the right place and secure it firmly. Then make sure the hanger is secure before hanging your mirror.

Will You Hang a Much Heavier Mirror?

Do you have a mirror weighing several kilos? No problem! You can mount multiple hangers side by side to increase carrying capacity. A mirror weighing kilograms can be easily hung with 2 large hangers side by side. It is of course important to pay attention to the maximum carrying capacity of the hangers.

Wouldn’t You Want to Create a Mirror Gallery?

You saw how easy it is to hang a mirror, right? But wouldn’t it be really crazy and cool to make a mirror gallery with lots of mirrors? Gather all kinds of mirrors in different shapes, colors and sizes and put them together.
It is Possible to Hang Many Things with Cemre Frame Hangers!

With our hangers, not only mirrors are mounted perfectly. For example, think of other flat surfaces like art and photos on acrylic, dibond, plexiglass or aluminum! Picture frames can also be hung easily with our hangers! Also, with double tie hangers, you can combine it with a Cemre Frame picture hanging system that allows you to hang multiple objects under each other and fill every corner of your home with pictures. The photo frames combined with a mirror make it a beautiful and cheerful whole. What a beautiful sight would it be?

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