Create Your Acoustics!

Create Your Acoustics!

There seems to be more and more interest in acoustics in a room these days. And that’s a good thing too, because more and more studies are showing that bad acoustics can be a bad thing for our health! Our lives are no longer just daily routines. We have made leaps in our development with today’s technology, but we are also expected to adapt flexibly and quickly. To do this, relaxation and concentration are essential, but this may be the biggest challenge ever! Fun fact: After a complicated task disruption, a person needs 8 minutes to reach the concentration level before the interruption!(Create Your Acoustics!)

Phones are constantly ringing, workplaces are getting bigger and bigger… After all, if you ask us, enough noise and distractions that can disturb concentration and it’s really bad for your health. Annoying and persistent noise can cause an increase in adrenaline and cortisol production. Now, that might not remind you much, but all of this can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular disease. Not good! So what’s the solution? Acoustic wall panels!

Hang Acoustic Wall Panels on Cemre Frame Suspension Systems!

Acoustic wall panels can greatly improve the acoustics in a room as they are sound absorbers. When we talk about acoustics, this certainly doesn’t apply to acoustics in a studio, for example. For example, consider the acoustics in your office, school, home! Acoustic panels can often be printed and therefore very stylish! In a mosque or a restaurant. The worse the acoustics in a room, the more difficult it is for a person’s voice to dissipate. All of this happens subconsciously, but it also warrants a stressful or exhausting situation. Even if you don’t think there is any sound obstacle, this is usually something subconscious. Therefore, good acoustics can give you a lot. Peace of mind, relaxation, better speech intelligibility, better concentration, less stress and less fatigue.

Normally, acoustic wall panels are glued to the wall, but did you know that these can also be hung on a Cemre Frame picture hanging system? An acoustic wall panel can actually be hung on all Cemre Frame picture rails with our cables and suitable hooks. A comparison of all picture hanging systems can be found here. If there is no hole in the panel, you can easily drill a hole so that the hook can be inserted properly.

The usefulness of an acoustic wall panel suspended in a suspended system is that it is ideal for sustainable building management or when you don’t want to drill holes in your wall! Also, when the area in question gains a different purpose, something else can be easily hung on the hanging system without seeing ugly holes in the wall.

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