After the Renaissance period, which is known as the historical period between the Middle Ages and the Reformation, the formations in the painting culture were shaped by going beyond religious subjects. Painters in this period began to add nuances to their works according to the meanings they wanted to give. The desire to portray nature in detail, as it is, by examining nature, which was revived with the Renaissance, led to the development of the perspective technique. Perspective technique; It is a projection technique that serves to show the appearance of objects in 3D on a flat surface, that is, by reducing them to 2 dimensions. As can be seen, painting began to diversify completely from the middle ages.( CEILING MOUNTED PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS, ceiling mounted picture rail)

It is seen that the painters complete their drawings and turn them into paintings with the use of real or surreal phenomena in different conceptual qualities. In addition, painting is considered to be undeniably important in making geographical discoveries in the Renaissance period. According to the researches of the merchants in the Renaissance period, it was determined that the most popular trade was on art. The result is that since the middle of the Renaissance period, painting culture is now accepted as an art branch and people value this art.

However, today it can be said that frame paintings cannceiling mountedot keep up with modern technology and new ceiling-mounted picture hanging systems have been developed instead. These picture hanging systems provide users with various advantages such as saving space and obtaining a modern image in the area to be used. Another advantage of these systems is that they can be used at a certain distance from the wall. Thus, a stylish or sporty marginality can be achieved, depending on preference. In addition, the new generation ceiling mounted picture hanging systems are specially manufactured according to high quality standards and are offered to users with maximum security attachments.

These systems are frequently preferred by businesses from many different sectors and users who care about home decoration, thanks to the ease of assembly of these systems, the rapid disassembly and change of location when desired, the ability to adjust images in various sizes and weights according to user tastes, and the convenience it provides in terms of hygiene. At the same time, it can be observed that ceiling-mounted picture hanging systems will maintain their modernity and provide high customer satisfaction day by day in terms of being scalable according to the user’s request and being matched with various color possibilities rather than a standard structure.

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