Beautiful Alternatives for Your Wall Gallery

Beautiful Alternatives for Your Wall Gallery

When you think of a gallery wall, you can think of a wall full of frames. But how cool would it be to add other items! Today, a gallery wall does not have to consist of only photographs and paintings. (Beautiful Alternatives for Your Wall Gallery) are so many creative things that make it a convenient yet surprising whole. Additionally, this provides more possibilities to let your interior reflect your personality!


After the surfaces have been degreased, the hanger can be placed behind the mirror. You can then hang the mirror on your picture hanging system with a Cemre Frame rail.


Hats can be hung in different ways. You can try hanging these with a zipper or smart pedestrian. Another possibility is to use a Quilt hanger. When you choose this hanger, you can attach the quilt hanger to the edge of the hat.


Obviously, there are many different types and sizes of taxidermy. A small piece can be easily hung with Cemre Frame hanging systems. You can also screw one or more hangers to the back of taxidermy pieces. In this way, you increase your carrying capacity.


Textiles can be hung easily with the quilt hanger! If you want to hang a beautiful macrame on a rope, the zipper or bow works the same.

Light Boxes

Light boxes usually have an opening at the back so you can hang them easily. This is why a lightbox is perfectly suited for hanging with a zipper!


How you cover your plants depends on what type of pot you use. If you use a rope attached to the pot, you only need one zipper.

Vinyl Records

To protect your vinyl records, we recommend that you put them in a frame. When you choose this option, you only need one zipper.


With plate hangers, you can hang plates instantly. These hangers are available in a variety of sizes. Once you’ve chosen the right plate hanger, you can hang your plate on a picture hanging system by adding a zipper and cord.

What Are Other Alternatives?

Of course, you have a lot to think about in order to use it on your gallery wall. Do you have more different and perfect ideas to show your own style and taste to others? By using our Cemre Frame picture hanging systems, you can easily hang your canvases, frames, pictures and photos!

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