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How do I begin to determine my need?

Our products are both decorative andpractical. This system consists of three parts. These are rail, hanger
and hook. First we measure the width of the walls to which you want to apply the system. We add 5% – 10% mt
to this measurement. This measure is the quantity of the rail we want to buy. Then how many pictures you want
to hang up the amount of hanger and hook you need to buy.
Generally, we recommend using 2 hooks and 2 hanger per big picture to keep the pictures smooth. If your pictures are
of average size, we recommend that you buy 4 hanger per rail.

You can also increase the number of hooks because you can hang multiple pictures on a hanger.

That’s all…!

All you have to do now is to click on our shop and select and follow the other steps.

Parts descriptions of the picture hanging system…


" The accessories of the rails are free with the rails...! "


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